Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on STA video post [& more!]

Ok folks, as of about 24 hours (give or take only an hour) from posting it, my STA application video was up to 290 hits! Wow! And now that we're past the 48 hour mark, I checked last night and the video had 348 views, even better! I wonder who are the ones visting.... ;) Hopefully it's not just all my friends but also that I'm attracting views from the friends of friends & etc as well. So spread the word! Tell your family, friends, that weird kid down the street! The more that can view and comment, the better.

Speaking of commenting....

Now the weird thing is almost NO ONE has left any comments! I urge you, PLEAD with you to give me some feedback! Come on folks, you know you want to! Just a little thing like my bro did would be fine enough to start out with.

In other film news, I am cooking up (and taking any if you got 'em) ideas as to what to film next. I would LOVE to share those ideas with you, but that's part of the production world... You might end up like Stephanie Meyer did with her trying to start a spinoff Twilight series and being stabbed in the back by a 'good' friend. ( ) So if you really want to know any ideas I may have, you gotta submit your own and I might work with you on YOUR idea! (hint hint) ;]

Well, enough of that for today. I'll talk to you LATE-rr!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

CK's STA Internship Application on it's way...

Wow, I was just reviewing the itinerary for the STA '09 interns, and guess what?! They get to go to Scotland & Ireland!!!! Boy, this is going to be some trip. First we start in Fiji, then go to Australia (another AWESOME place), then travel to India (home of the Taj Mahal), and from there go to Eastern Africa. Wait, that's not all! Then we go to Berlin, followed by Scandinavia/Russia, then it's off to my favorite places of all: Scotland and Ireland!

Now what is all this STA (Student Travel Association) stuff about anyway? Well, it's to encourage people (more specifically college students to start traveling. The first question though some may want to know, if I don't win, what's the point? Welllll.... actually there are winnings for all of the top ten contestants, they each get a full set of JanSport luggage. Then the 2nd Runner-up gets "1 round-trip ticket to Europe and a 5-country rail pass courtesy of Eurail. Take your time, pick your countries, and keep in touch with the STA Travel community along the way." (previous quote taken from the STA Travel's 2009 World Travel website) The 1st Runner-up gets "An 8-week program with accommodations at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, 6 . . . weekend activities, . . . an unlimited public transportation pass, and the opportunity to enjoy a summer completing a Barcelona internship . . .." (previous quote taken from the STA Travel's 2009 World Travel website) Now for the big prize: The winners (they'll be two, prob a girl & boy) will go around the world in the countries listed in the above paragraph.

Now for your participation! I really, REALLY, REALLY would love to go on this trip. So if you could comment on my YouTube Video, tell me any helpful information about the places I'll go and give me any travel tips I'd appricate it. Thanks and hope to see you through the video blog in a few months! :)

Oh, and I have to say thank you to Eric Scholl, David Beard, Kasey Call, Eric Stratford, & Ben VanLehn for helping me out with the videos (especially Scholl). Wow, it's been a fun time with making the video, I hope to post the bloopers up soon too. You can't ever have a good film without some laughs too. Stay tuned for more!