Monday, October 18, 2010

Car Trouble, Filming, & Adventure

The Original Schedule: Get to Salt Lake City, Utah and spend restful mornings, nights, & some afternoons away from work reading, walking the shopping districts, or seeing the sights. In the evenings do classmate film interviews for a SE of a PVHS yearbook video.

Well, it all started sometime October 13th and actually, never thought about it but at least that wasn't a Friday! Anyways, CK got off work at about 2:00pm and get his car cleaned, do a little other shopping, then begin driving in his Chrysler PT Cruiser up north. NOTE: His car is in great condition except for a dent and some small sound that apparently only I can hear (not even when I take a mechanic for a spin). Then the trouble starts...

CK gets only as far from St. George, Utah as Coral Canyon off I-15. The car then starts making a whizzing sound. To make a long story short, he got to the mechanic shop and they tell CK the transmission needs to be replaced or rebuilt. He gives the okay and they begin, but won't finish till the next week. So he spends the night at home, then in the morning he takes his mother's Ford Expedition up north.

Once in Salt Lake City, CK spends a half hour at his grandparents trying to figure out how to get to one of his classmate interview appointments. Then it's time to go help film the Spot On commercial with Kyle Oakeson. After doing that, CK goes to start the Expedition and guess what? It doesn't start. Thankfully the Lord blessed him with a mechanic a few yards away looking at his own car. The mechanic figures out it's the starter and manually starts it. CK drives to Orem hoping to get the car fixed while he films a couple classmate interviews. Turns out auto repair places close at 6:00pm, and this one wouldn't get the starter fixed till the morning sometime. So he gets a friend to take him to the appointment, where the chair he was going to use breaks, and stranded in Orem spends the night sleeping at his friend's sleeping in his clothes (left his bag in the car).The following morning CK wakes up at 10:00am thinking the car's fixed. Turns out their just starting. He spends the day at the friend's home, not picking up the car till 5:00pm. CK then has a hour till the next classmate interview, which he tries to use to find a new chair. After driving an hour to the appointment and driving back a hour to ANOTHER appointment he finally gets to his grandparents' to find other guests in the guest beds so he falls asleep on the couch.

Final day! Whew, CK gets to wake up later, eat breakfast, and plan what do do for the day. Though around 1:00pm it's rushing again figuring out where the appointment lives, what he could do in the time he had till 3:00pm, and where parking was for it all (it's harder to park in the city, especially in big vehicles). After the interview CK spends a little time at a resturant, grabs some Krispy Kreme, then head off for the 4 1/2 hour drive (starting at 8:00pm). Then ends the film-trip adventure!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spot On For Utah

Well, the during the past few weeks a job has been in the works for CK. He got in contact with a fellow filmmaker up north and has been recruited to work on a contest commercial for Utah, which will be featured at Sundance & other film festivals if picked. The contest is called 'Spot On' and is put on by the Utah Film Commission.
CK will be going up north later this week to be a AD (Assistant Director) on set, as well as helping with some of the general things. In the meantime he will be working on the SE of the PVHS '01 Yearbook Video. He's arranged a few people to work with while up there. All in all this looks to be a busy week!

Monday, October 4, 2010

End of Summer Update

Sorry it's been awhile, you know the whole life thing sometimes happens when you're not expecting it. ;) Good news though! It turns out that CK Stratford will be entering another video contest, this one put on by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also known as the Mormons or LDS Church). They are giving different ideas as to what to do like music videos, videos showing gospel principles, or even just the life of a mormon.

According to the rules of the contest, one will need to get signitures on official contracts (that are provided) to film people & places. We have some ideas on what to do, though while working on this contest we'll be working on CK's special edition of his 2001 Pine View High School video yearbook.

In summary, there will be those two small projects going on while planning for the TURRB film goes on & the 1940s Musical script is written. Wish us luck!