Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bzzt! ...Is Secure! I Repeat, Location Is Secure!... Shhsk!!

Well, we've done it!  =D  And we are now more committed than ever before!  We have spoken with the desired film location's owners and have been granted permission to shoot the coming webisodes on their land.  CK went to a meeting a few days ago and presented his plan of filming and discussed the responsibilities & the desired compensations.  We were crossing our fingers and praying that we'd be granted their permission, partially since the permission for an alternate location that would've been in a couple scenes was denied.

Now due to the agreement, we are not allowed to tell you where we are filming so if you just happen to know: DO NOT REVEAL THE LOCATIONplease.  Thank you.  :)  In addition to other various contracts being made, we're in the works of creating a contract so that all those involved with the film (collectively) will be held accountable for all the involved's actions done to the land during their times spent on set.  This'll include responsibility for helping make sure things are better than when we found it.  Just a head's up to those involved and actually reading this.  ;)