Monday, March 16, 2009

STA lost its chance...

Well, looks like the STA lost its chance to have the new look at the world I would've offered, seeing it full of adventure and new sights. Though maybe I can convince them to let a 27 year old go next year.....

So now off to other adventures. Things to look forward to this summer instead of STA: Films about Effective Home-Teaching, St. George, Dixie State College, & maybe some experimental films too. In my personal life, I have four tickets to Brian Regan here at Tuachan (near Santa Clara, Utah), and have two tickets to Celtic Woman at the E-Center in West Valley City, Utah. That is about it that's planned for this summer.

Time to go back to the world and look for more of those travel contests! Mail me if you see any!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Preppin' for the possibilities

Well, today is the day (the deadline)... We'll see if I won anything within a few weeks, but if you've been looking around the contest info (prob wondering what this is all about) you will know that this coming Sunday on March 15 STA will conduct phone interviews with the top 20 applicants. From those, the top 10 picks will then do a second video submission. I really hope to get picked for this because this will be my time to shine. I have some great ideas to do and look forward to trying them out for the STA. Though if I don't get picked, I'll just move on to other film ideas. This summer is full of possibilities!

One interesting thing I read was that the age cut off for applicants is 26, so I won't be able to try out for this next year. Just so ya'll know that I'm not totally crazy, the thing I'm banking on is that I'll be picked because I have so little experience. Being like your average college student who hasn't traveled to Europe, China, South America, etc but has been around just a few states & their local vicinity. I'm competing against many who have been to at least Mexico or Canada, speak 2 or 3 languages, and some have awesome videos (see Bri Eggers), but I don't see how some of them can top their current videos or actually do the same on the field! Well, like I said before, we'll see how it goes on the 15th....................... VOTE FOR ME!! ;)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spreadin' The Good Word

This past Monday I began in earnest my campaign to be the next STA World Traveler. What steps did I take you say? Well, let's start from the beginning:

  • First off, right after I submitted my video I messaged all my Facebook friends (interesting note - In all my friend lists [except 1] I know the people pretty well in real life). When I sent the messages I gave a little paragraph for others to send so they can invite their friends.

  • On Sunday night I made some flyers depicting part of the YouTube page w/ stats my video is on. I printed those and gave them out at a game night at a friends house, Danny Thomas. Thankfully I didn't know really anyone there so it was a whole new batch of people to tell it all about.

    I hate to give this secret away, but it might help others... See I discovered this thing on YouTube that you can promote your video by signing up to pay a little per click, so that's what I did. It may help me out only a little, but we'll see what happens in a few days!

  • Then Monday I stepped out of my deteriorating comfort zone and spoke to random people and promoted my video with the little flyers again. On the way to take a test I walked up to this guy studying, probably for a test, and told him about the video and asked for his support, he said yes. Then walking through the doors to the outside and spoke with another a girl and asked if she'd view it, she said yes. Then up I went over to the testing area and asked the people at the counters if THEY would participate, they said yes & thank you!

  • Now on Tuesday, when I went to math class I handed the teacher and some students the flyers I made (with a little improvement). The teacher took it, and the students did, though I noticed after class a few left theirs on their tables. Win some, lose some.

  • Wednesday was great, I was able to give out more flyers and get a few more commitments from more students in a couple classes (and a friend of mine after social dance). To report on math class, the teacher said he wanted to see it, but couldn't get to it so I emailed him the link sometime later.

  • Continuing to Thursday, I revamped the flyer to look better. At this point I have printed out 130 individual flyers! I believe with this look I may get more hits.

  • With Friday, Saturday, & Sunday I had work, needed to catch up on homework, and had church. Though within all that I made sure my peers knew about the video and followed up with other people.

Thank you for your support! I've passed 600 views, have had 12 comments, and views in the United States, Canada, and Pakistan of all places! Remember to pass the link along, we still have 8 days left!