Friday, November 30, 2012

"New Holotapes For The PipBoy 3000" Commercial Progressing

Well, so far so good!  We're making progress toward the web series.  We have a short bit of the commercial that'll be called "New Holotapes For The PipBoy 3000".  We used a green screen for the part we just filmed, making it able to be put into the final commercial.  Just to give y'all a taste of the progress, here's a photo we took during shooting.

Special thank you to Nathan Gledhill & Katherine Gledhill!

Additional progress for the commercial is in getting the actors for the Vault Boy & Narrator agreeing to work with us in their parts for the commercial, we're just waiting on a few props and then we should be a golden go!  Thank you in advance to Stephen Ballard (aka skruffynerfherder), Sullivan Uniforms, Vogue Wigs, and Brooke Call for supplying props & costumes.

In other news, our website is in the process of being reorganized/redesigned (though actually posting the final website design will need to wait till April when there's more funds) and a business card is almost complete just needing a few finishing touches before print.