Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Assignment (Card, Site, Video)

The final assignment for the Visual Communication class that CK Stratford is taking turned out to be a little more than he originally thought.  Due to the desire to remain consistant with the rest of the semester in the subject of Fallout, he had to go "lone wolf" on the final project.  CK mainly wanted to just do a fake commercial for the final, but when taking to the professor he found that to do so would require certain conditions. The professor told him that there was not a high likelyhood that people would want to go along with this specific idea, so he'd allow it to go forward if a business card & a update to the website were also done.  Below is the completed works for these three projects.

Business Card


The phone number has been removed to discourage the spammers worldwide

Here we have the business card, we made sure that everything lined up as needed using the laws of Similarity, Proximity, Continuity, & Closure (not sure where Pragnanz fits in here).  In short, all the words are lined up and using the space effectively with the word "of" and the website address pairing up to use the most outer right edge instead of leaving it blank.  It is complete with all the essential information needed to contact your Hawc Productions representative, information that should be on most any business card:
  • Name of the employee
  • Title of the employee
  • Name of the company
  • Phone number to reach the employee
  • Email to reach the employee
  • Physical location of the company
  • Website of the company

Updated Website

On the left there's the old format, while on the right is the new format.  There was quite a lot of negative space in the old format, as well as very small navigation links/buttons.  Each of these were fixed in the new format by organizing the information better, enlarging the navigation (as well as putting all the navigation on the bottom so the viewer will be required to go from top to bottom), also the film on the wooden banner is put on the bottom to signify the cutting room floor.  Another couple items were the logo didn't really stand out like it could and the video didn't draw your attention with it's picture or size, so each of those were spiffed up as one can see.

"New Holotapes For The PipBoy 3000" Clip


Here is a clip that will be inserted into the final version of the commercial titled "New Holotapes For The PipBoy 3000" where the vault boy will be showing future vault dwellers the perks of registering for a Vault-Tec fallout vault.

This is the set that will be used when the commercial is filmed.  As is shown, not everying in the picture will be the same as is.  Special thanks to CK's aunt for letting us use part of her kitchen!