Friday, January 14, 2011

Darn Environment Changes!

Well, there's bad news with little good news. To start off CK visited the area where we did filming of the TURRB film earlier today, it's quite amazing what a 'little' flood can do to the banks of a river. The before & after shots he took of the location are quite different. If you look under the bridge in the area where there used to be a gradual decline to the river, the ground is now completely gone, replaced by part of the river. Other photos reflect how the scenery has changed from what was originally scouted out to what it is now.
Sadly, that's not all. CK is very grateful for his cameraman's help but much of what was shot is unusable. On the TV show we're spoofing there is some slight jerking and fast movement of the camera, but most of the footage we have is just plain shaky. We're afraid with all these developments (especially the scenery changes), we will HAVE to reshoot the whole thing. With that said, casting will be started immediately. CK does plan on getting some actors back on the set, but most will be replaced. The shoot dates will be set for nearly the same weeks as last year, for the Troll scenes will be finished by the end of May.
Now for the good news! Since The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints video contest is nearly due, and CK has decided to begin his own YouTube series on interpreting scripture verses (wether or not he enters the videos). The opening for each episode is written and is in the casting stage now, while research for three seperate verses have already been completed. That's all for now, stay tuned