Thursday, November 19, 2009

Working With DSC Commercials

This semester I've taken some more film classes. The class has been able to work on some of the Dixie State College commercials they will be showing pretty much everywhere they are able (still in the process of finding a link to the said promos). As far as classes at the college go, I've been able to help as an Assistant Director, Best Boy, & Gaffer. For those of you that don't know what each of those do, here are some definitions:

  • Assistant Director: Pre-production (the period before filming starts) where they prepare the 'schedule', (a filming timetable that shows which scene is to be shot on which day and what needs to pre-booked/hired to achieve that) and Production (during the shoot) where their main task is to ensure that the production sticks to the schedule. []

  • Gaffer: The chief electrician responsible for the lights and provision of power, often in difficult conditions and carrying considerable responsibility.[]

  • Best Boy: A term used in the film world, for the main assistant to the lighting electrician or Gaffer.[]

Besides doing those things and observing, I have only begun a script for my own commercial that due to time, I don't think we'll get to do. Well, that's the update. Talk to you later!