Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Special Thanks To Cody Ketcher

It all started a year and a half ago in December of 2012 with inspiration from Fallout: Nuka Break's first season.  As the idea grew and matured it became a goal, then as that goal was worked on and improved it became a project, finally the project was in motion and was to become the real deal, a legit film, something awesome... everything seemed to crash down.

  1. The day before a couple actors & a crew member messaged that they couldn't participate in filming the next day.
  2. A key actor was feeling ill production morning.  With some coaxing he still came along, being a good sport but feeling weak the whole time.
  3. On location some equipment & props were discovered forgotten and makeup & hair were turning out bad due to the lighting.

With the weight of the all the responsibility, of having taken all these new & old friends valuable time (including the fact that Cody Ketcher had traveled all the way from Salt Lake City to help), and the disappointing developments creating a impossible adequate film... CK could've been no closer to giving up 100% on the whole project/goal/idea (even with all the time and great amount of money put into it all).  Just as he sat down in the dirt pondering on how to tell everyone "Sorry, thank you but let's go home," but leave out the despair he felt and how he was not only going to give up this Fallout project but FILM altogether and forever, he heard Cody say his name.

We don't know what Cody was thinking or why he was prompted to speak at that moment, but he loudly took a sort of charge and suggested to CK that the day's shoot and the coming couple of film shoots be just a rehearsal.  Coming from the one person that had given the most, second to CK, that meant so much more than anyone can understand.  ...So with that we move on and begin again, going on to create & build a great idea.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Whew, That Was A Close One! :j

So sadly we were not able to get Episodes 1 & 2 filmed these last few weekends.  Though it may have turned out for the better because what was supposed to be a really awesome setup, was not really prepared like it was supposed to be after all.  That's all an afterthought anyways, so let's back up a bit to mid October:

Day -14
It's two weeks before the first scheduled film shoot, we have had a short meeting with a bunch of the extras already and now we're meeting with Cody Ketcher (playing Running Red).  We do a Skype meeting with him since he's moved up to Salt Lake City, most of the crew are physically present along with a couple other actors.

Day -10
All actors, actresses, & crew are still commited and keeping their schedules clear for the film dates (bless their volunteering hearts).  CK & John Johnson meet with Darrell Phillips to see their prosthetics being created for the film, they look great!

Day -3
Due to school, work, and other film duties CK isn't able to get some costumes made for some of the characters till today.  Some of the accessories aren't mailed on time and arrive the following Monday, clearly after the scheduled film shoot (but it's due to a babysitter's slacking, not the seamstress that created the parts).  Another full costume is made and ready the day of filming.

Day -2
7:00pm  ~  A actor playing a raider extra texts CK telling him he wants to drop out.  CK spends the next 30 minutes recommiting him to show up (he was needed because another actor had to work, making this recommitment essential).

Day -1
11:05am  ~  Cody sends CK a text telling him due to unexpected financial difficulties he might not be able to drive down to STG from SLC for the film shoot.
12:00pm  ~  CK pulls out all the stops and tries to see if any of his many great relatives in the Salt Lake valley can talk to Cody and/or help him out.
2:05pm  ~  Cody sends CK a text telling him that CK's Grandpa & Grandma Stratford visited him and that he should be making it down to St. George.
5:45pm  ~  CK speaks to Katherine Tyler for some advice about creating a prop and gets a second confirmation that Cody is indeed coming down for the film.
7:00pm  ~  Due to time constraints CK has to tell a actor that since the actor can't get a ride, and CK is swamped with other film duties (preventing him from driving up to Cedar City to pick the actor up), he'll have to let the actor go for this coming film shoot.  Thankfully the actor understands and is still willing to act later.
7:05pm  ~  One of the main characters, one of the guys that know parkour, texts CK telling him he's sick and can't show up.

Day 1
7:00am  ~  A actor texts CK telling him he's really sick and can't show up.
8:45am  ~  CK sends a couple actors to pick up the still sorta sick/queazy parkour actor.
10:30am  ~  CK contacts Darrell to make sure he doesn't waste time showing up to a "practice" film shoot

Then on the morning of that first scheduled film day, BESIDES the actor problems, a bunch of the equipment was either missing or didn't work (gunshot effects, missing batteries, forgotten camera parts, etc).  So CK had gotten so depressed and lost at this time, not because he couldn't do the film he wanted to create but because he was letting everyone down and felt he was wasting everyone's time.  Especially those that had truly gone out of their way to help him out.  It was at this point that CK Stratford very seriously considered pretending to film for just a couple hours, canceling that night's shoot, and then never EVER look to film or anything like it again.

Thankfully at this extremely low time, Cody of all people (the one that had given the most time & money) suggested that the filming just be considered a "rough draft" and that we just film at a later date.  So that's what we've decided, have done, and will do.  :)  We'll see you later!