Friday, April 30, 2010

TURRB Crew Part II

As of April 30, 2010 the following people have agreed to help in the TURRB Mockumentary (title will be modified), no contracts have been signed yet so the crew may change:
Producer - CK Stratford
Director - CK Stratford
Screenwriter - CK Stratford
Costume manufacturer - Kim Payne
Cinematographer - CK Stratford
Camera operator #1 - Hayli Hunt
Gaffer & boom operator - Jon Andrew
Makeup artist - Katie Hatch
Catering Coordinator - Michelle Turley
Co-Editor - CK Stratford
Co-Editor - Eric Sly
Graphic designer - Eric Sly
Still needed are people for the following parts:
Camera operator #2

Saturday, April 24, 2010

TURRB Cast Part II

As of April 30, 2010 the following people have agreed to perform in the TURRB Mockumentary (title will be modified), no contracts have been signed yet so performers may change:
Specialist (Tyler) - Tom Orton
Troll - Eric Scholl
Buddy (Gambler) - Jeff Dean
Buddy (Silent) - Cody Ketcher
Buddy (Tennis) - Jim Neve
City Resident #1 - Mike Sheffield
City Resident #2 - John Miles
City Resident #3 - Melinda Smith
Jogger [Male] - Monroe Payne
Jogger [Female] - Joelle Whitney
Police Officer #1 (Captain Dodger) - Clint Broadhead
Police Officer #2 - Doug Lewis
Professor - Lynn Hunt
Reporter - Alana Larson
Scientist- Amy Fredlund
Specialist Assistant #1 (Ashley) - Danielle Wolverton
Specialist Assistant #2 (Jim) - Shane Egan
Trail-Walker [Female] - Katherine Tyler

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Project Delayed

Turns out due to lack of interest we won't be doing the blitz to Hollywood Blvd. If anyone has any ideas for a inexpensive movie or documentary, feel free to contact us!

Richard is getting ready to be married to his sweetheart in either June or July, I can't remember, and will be unavailable to work with for about a month after. Me on the other hand, will still be single and working on the Mockumentary (currently titled TURRB) that you've probably read about by now. I've decided to go ahead with my own project, but still will be working on the 1940's script & thinking up new ideas for other film projects. I already have a few, but could use some more, any ideas? Feel free to comment with any ideas, tellings of your favorite genres, what you like about movies, and the like!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Man Of Many Hats

Benjamin Franklin started many of the things which we take for granted today like the fire department, the postal service, the newspaper (Pennsylvania Gazette), and the public lending library. Because he was able to do so much he was one of the earlist american polymath, or "Man of Many Hats" to the rest of us. Why do I bring this up? Because I (CK Stratford) have been running like a chicken with his head cut off trying to get this whole TURRB film set up and ready by May 31st.

You could say I am a man of many hats at the moment because I have undertaken being not just the Producer & Director, but also the cast director, costume designer, director of photography, location manager, production accountant, and screenwriter, though I may have forgotten a couple jobs. I'm enjoying it all, but just want to get everything together in time to give the script to the actors.

To help those out that are not familiar with the technical lingo of film, here are two links to simple definitions about the most general filmmaking jobs.

And if you're interested, here is a link to a complete list of film terms & definitions (though it might be too comprehensive for some).

Friday, April 2, 2010

Official Shoot Dates!

The official dates that we'll start shooting the currently titled TURRB Mockumentary will be the first two weeks in June 2010, including May 31-June 12, excluding June 6 (dates are subject to change due to weather conditions). Working times will be given when filming is closer.


All those working with the film as crew or cast members will be participating for experience, exposure, & recieve food on set as payment. A film résumé example will be provided upon request for those that would like to continue within the film business.

Those with substanial parts in the making of the movie specifically the Producer, Director, Editors, Associate Producer (AP), & Cinematographer will be able to negotiate additional benefits.