Friday, May 28, 2010

Problems Working w/ Super Ultra Low Budget

Well, besides running out of money, we've hit a big problem just days before the shoot partially due to such a low budget. Our star actor playing the Troll has dropped out. Besides the obvious, the problem with him dropping out is the script was written for him. He says it's due to a new job, school, and other stress, but with commitments come responsibilities and he was asked (& had multiple confirmations) months in advance of the shoot date.

CK is stressed out with these developments, unsure as to how he's going to do half the movie now without one of the two stars. The plan for now is to get the half done that features the Creature Specialist & his assistants, but due to time constraints that might not be all completed and if so, will need to be completed at the end of summer or next spring with it already getting hot in St. George (it can reach the 100's easily around town in the summer). To top it off, some crew members are not responding to calls & a actress has dropped out.

The Lord has been kind even with these fallout's, He's provided us with new crew members & a actress (with a last minute additional actor!) that are solid. Now it's just off to film!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Official Main Logo

Here it is! This is our finished main, 'big' logo: although we are still looking for someone to make the mini logo (for pens, keychains, etc). With a little computer editing CK's made the roughdraft idea for the logo into a finished piece. The actual copyrighting of the logo will be done in the somewhat near future, but we hope this'll do for now.