Thursday, March 25, 2010

Script Update

Well, it looks like we won't be doing the 1940's film this year. What we've decided is to go ahead with one of Richard's other ideas. I don't want to give too much away, but it's a documentary including Hollywood Boulevard. It'll be a fun short trip for all those involved. I didn't realize it before, but Hollywood Boulevard is one long stretch of road and the big sign is a little over 2 miles away as the crow flys.

One reason the 1940's Project is being delayed is due to the fact my cousin Ben Stratford is going back up to the Salt Lake City area to continue his musical education. On that note, all I can say to the kiddies is "Stay In School!" This screenwriting class I've been taking at the local college has helped me sort out ideas I had and given me new ones. It's been great seeing the ideas of others and helping one another out. Well, till next time!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TURRB Cast & Crew Part I

As of March 17, 2010 the following people have agreed to help in the TURRB Mockumentary (title will be modified), no contracts have been signed yet so the crew may change:
Producer - CK Stratford
Director - CK Stratford
Screenwriter - CK Stratford
Co-Editor - CK Stratford
Cinematographer - Eric Scholl
Uncomfirmed people & their parts are:
Camera operator #1 - Hayli Hunt
Gaffer & Boom Operator - Jon Andrew
Graphic designer - Zak Ciotti
Still needed are people for the following parts:
Camera operator #2
Catering Coordinator
Costume designer
Makeup artist
Production assistant
As of March 17, 2010 the following people have agreed to perform in the TURRB Mockumentary (title will be modified), no contracts have been signed yet so performers may change:
Specialist - Tom Orton
Buddy (Silent) - Cody Ketcher
Reporter - Alana Larson
Uncomfirmed people & their parts are:
Buddy (Gambler) - Jeff Dean
Trail-Walker [Female] - Katherine Tyler
Professor - Lynn Hunt
Still needed are people for the following parts:
City Resident #1
City Resident #2
Female Jogger
Male Jogger
Police Officer #1
Police Officer #2
Specialist assistant

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Logo Designer!

Good news! We've found a new logo designer, Danielle Anderson. Mikayla Cook has supposedly drawn the logo, but has had complications getting the picture from her divorced dad, plus someone may have thrown the third drawing she'd done away. So with Mikayla & another girl I tried to get to do the logo are out of the running, I think I've found someone that will work with me (hopefully).

Danielle has suggested some interesting ideas I hadn't thought of before, like a mini logo. We've all know certain companies just by the little logo they have. Any of the following I'm sure you could name off even with the name unattached to it. If you don't know who each of the logos belong to, just look at the bottom of this post in the tags/labels.

Anyways, I've thought up a mini logo to put on business cards, pens, decals, etc. We'll just have to see if Danielle can match my vision. In addition to the mini logo, she is going to copy down a version of the production logo I have made up already. I plan on paying her well, as well as a beginning filmmaker & college student can for quality work that is. I'm looking forward to what she can do, and honestly I have no idea what she can do but we'll find out soon enough!