Saturday, April 5, 2014

Revamping The Entire Show

Yep, CK has decided that due to stressful reschedules and a few unreliable actors that the first season of FLoNC desperately needs to be revamped to get it off the ground.  The original plan was to simply get people together, film, edit, & post.  Though the grand ideas turned out to be more than CK was really prepared for.  There were three locations to film at, props & costumes to prepare, and there were enough volunteers (10-12 actors + 3-5 crew) to create a schedulers' nightmare!  From the photos below you should be able to tell how many were around at times.

So now the plan for the coming fall will be to have 2 or 3 actors for the first few episodes, with 2 to 4 crew members to help make sure things are filmed right.  Once the scripts are written it should only be the matter of securing the locations, making sure the costumes fit, and making sure the right props are available/made.

So really, after having to do most everything by himself (except for the amazing Camara Rauen's help, she was a great Production Assistant!) the daunting tasks CK was performing had been growing so immensely that eventually it was unbearable.  Though when very few, if any, people believe you can do something (plus the said person already has poor social skills, including SAD), the loneliness seems to be a burden that must be born till proof is provided that the idea/project CAN BE DONE, enticing more to join the party.
Here's to seeing you as part of it soon!