Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Special Thanks To Cody Ketcher

It all started a year and a half ago in December of 2012 with inspiration from Fallout: Nuka Break's first season.  As the idea grew and matured it became a goal, then as that goal was worked on and improved it became a project, finally the project was in motion and was to become the real deal, a legit film, something awesome... everything seemed to crash down.

  1. The day before a couple actors & a crew member messaged that they couldn't participate in filming the next day.
  2. A key actor was feeling ill production morning.  With some coaxing he still came along, being a good sport but feeling weak the whole time.
  3. On location some equipment & props were discovered forgotten and makeup & hair were turning out bad due to the lighting.

With the weight of the all the responsibility, of having taken all these new & old friends valuable time (including the fact that Cody Ketcher had traveled all the way from Salt Lake City to help), and the disappointing developments creating a impossible adequate film... CK could've been no closer to giving up 100% on the whole project/goal/idea (even with all the time and great amount of money put into it all).  Just as he sat down in the dirt pondering on how to tell everyone "Sorry, thank you but let's go home," but leave out the despair he felt and how he was not only going to give up this Fallout project but FILM altogether and forever, he heard Cody say his name.

We don't know what Cody was thinking or why he was prompted to speak at that moment, but he loudly took a sort of charge and suggested to CK that the day's shoot and the coming couple of film shoots be just a rehearsal.  Coming from the one person that had given the most, second to CK, that meant so much more than anyone can understand.  ...So with that we move on and begin again, going on to create & build a great idea.

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